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65 year track record

Our 4th Generation family toy business, founded in 1948, is The Doll Hospital & Toy Soldier Shop. It’s an unlikely name for what has become one of the world’s largest independent specialty toy stores. We present an interesting combination of toy store, doll store, parent/teacher store, outdoor play store, hobby store, plus a real doll hospital, all delivered to a global audience through our internet division is based on the concept that childhood is precious. Nothing should violate this wonderful time for learning and developing and having fun. Little kids should just stay little kids for as long as possible! We provide parents and teachers with magnificent resources towards this goal of creating a happy, healthy, end-less childhood for every little kid.

Our business is managed and operated by three active generations of the founding family. Whereas our founders, Kay and Roger Parish, were steeped in the best retail practices of the early 20th century, our third and fourth generation family members are savvy about the requirements and prospects of a digital shopping world. As the retail world tilts ever closer to that of online shopping, we strive to be highly regarded in both shopping venues. For our store visitors we create an enjoyable and relevant social shopping experience, coupled with the instant gratification that comes with instant fulfillment. For our on-line shoppers we represent a treasure trove of specialty toys - competitively priced, easily navigable, efficiently fulfilled and surrounded by the highest level of service we can muster.

As we challenge the future, we will cling to several proud traditions begun over half a century ago. Honesty, hard work and a customer-first attitude will never go out of style.

About Our Toys & Activities

There are many ways to evaluate toys, such as play value, quality, price, developmental merit, durability, etc. Toy developers fall into two separate & distinct toy industries. The specialty toy industry has been with us since Pinnochio’s time and its products, services and approach most closely resemble one’s image of an old-fashioned toy store. The MASS toy industry has been with us since the advent of chain department stores about the mid-point in the last century. Toys that are produced by the tens of millions and advertised directly to children on TV are Mass toys. These toys make up the vast majority of unsafe toys that appear on the recall lists of the CPSIA. Specialty toys, are characterized by limited production, creative themes, safe design, and do tend to cost a bit more. Specialty toys appeal to discriminative toy buyers that think carefully about how their kids spend their time.

Come Visit Us

If you have kids under 10 and a day to spend in Southeast Michigan, we invite you to visit our store. Oftentimes families will combine a visit to The Doll Hospital with a trip to the nearby Detroit Zoo, Greenfield Village, or Cranbrook Institute of Science. We have many hands-on playstations to keep kids busy while parents or grandparents shop. Our store is centrally located to the metropolitan area, is near main throughfares and has plenty of on-site parking. Click for directions.

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Price Matching for Local Shoppers

We acknowledge that in-store promotions generally differ from sale prices and promotions on our website (RGT). Certain categories or brands are discounted heavily on-line to our competitive advantage.

Local retail customers are welcome to pre-shop on RGT by adding items to your shopping cart and bringing a printed copy into the store. We will evaluate the printed copy of your shopping cart at checkout and compare it with current in-store promotions for the same items. We will honor whichever works out to be the lower final price for you. At no time do we combine offers.

Please note that only a small portion of our Parent Teacher Resource Center offerings are currently available on-line. Our physical selection is truly unbeatable!

In the Community

In addition to the great family atmosphere of Berkley, Michigan, there are many outstanding organizations that enrich lives for millions of people in the Metropolitan Detroit Area. We are happy to support many of these organizations, some of which include:

  • Public Library System
  • Meadow Brook Theater
  • Detroit Institute of Arts
  • Game Nights at local School districts
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Toys For Tots
  • Downtown Development Authority
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Judson Center
  • Lighthouse of Pontiac
  • Grace Centers of Hope
  • Coalition on Temporary Shelter
  • Orchards Children Services
  • Childrens' Hospital of Michigan

Security & Privacy secures and protects the privacy of all customer’s personal information that we come in contact with. The only permitted use of personal or credit information collected is for orders to be serviced. Information from customer feedback may be used to make website improvements. We provide the option to receive emails about special offers at checkout. If you do not wish to be contacted about special offers, you may leave this box unchecked. We value your privacy and never share your information with 3rd parties.

Legal Considerations

Here you can find information on our:

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Whether you prefer short messages or “updates” to your friends, or like to post new toy finds alongside your photos and events on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, we’ve got you covered. Really Great Toys is a treasure trove for discovery of all the best specialty toys and activities for young families, so naturally our users like to share good news with their friends. We make this easy with popular social links placed strategically on product detail pages, the shopping cart or at the bottom of any information page.

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