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Christina, Grant, Mimi and Papa head for Hawaii in search of paradise and find five islands' worth of mystery, history, lava legends, voracious volcanoes, World War II wonder, BIG waves, and more! LOOK what's in this mystery - people, places, history, and more! Hawaiian History - Polynesian settlers, ancient temples - Origins and culture of early Hawaiians. Hawaiian Language. Hawaiian Food Specialties: Poi, smoked pig, pineapple juice, coconuts, poke. Hawaiian Legends: Pele, Goddess of the Volcano, Giant Lake Creature. Hawaiian Geography: Location - Fauna: Palm trees, bougainvillea flowers, plumeria, reefs, protea, naupaka shrubs - Volcanoes: Steam vents, ash, rock, lava - Rain Forests: strawberry guava trees, Ohia tree - Isolated Archipelago - Longest island chain in the whole world - Facts about Mauna Kea; Basalt Rock, adze, red and black rock cylinder cones. Hawaiian Economy - Farming: Pineapples, sugarcane, coffee, Macadamia Nuts - Fishing: Sea life, tropical fish, Moray eel. Scrimshaw. Hawaiian Luau: Decorations, Bougainvillea flowers, Traditional Hawaiian dance, Hula skirts, Smoked pig. Hawaiian Lei. Sea shells: igloo shells, spiral shells, snail shells. Altitude Sickness. Twin Keck Telescopes Facts. USS Arizona Memorial layout and history. Pearl Harbor. Surfing description and terminology. Honolulu International Airport - USS Arizona War Memorial, Honolulu, HI. The Royal Hawaiian Hotel (The Pink Palace) - Bus ride along the shore of Oahu to Waimea Bay Beach - Makaha - The Inn at Kulaniapia Falls Hilo - Keaau, Oahu, HI. Volcanoes National Park - Tour Van to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Keck Observatory, Mauna Kea - Onizuka Visitor Station - Mauna Kea adze quarry (HI's highest national landmark) - The Kona Coast - The Kona Coast, Big Island. Halawa Valley - Moaula Falls - Ruins of temples, Molokai, HI. Diamond Head Volcanic Crater. Banzai Pipeline. Lahaina Beach, Maui, HI. The Pagoda Guest House, Kuluniapia Falls, HI. Helicopter tour of the Volcanoes. Deep Sea Fishing Tour. Captain Cook Memorial, Kona, HI. Hawaiian Village, Waikiki Beach, HI.

The Mystery in Hawaii

By Gallopade

Recommended Age: 7 to 14

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