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It's a looooong plane flight from Georgia to South Africa for Grant, Christina, Papa, and the kids' mystery-writing grandmother Mimi! They're going on a safari! Grant can't wait to see the "Big Five"-lions, elephants, Cape buffalo, rhinos, and leopards. But he and Christina end up seeing much more-and find themselves embroiled in a hot, dusty, safari-style mystery! It all starts when a white lion goes missing, followed by mischievous monkeys, mysterious messages, a snapping snake, and ends up with Grant coming fact-to-face with the most fearsome creature of them all! RRROOOAAARRR! Come along for a wild ride through the sunny, South African savanna! LOOK what's in this mystery - people, places, history, and more! Places: Kruger National Park. Hoyo Hoyo Tsonga Lodge. Sable Sleepover Hide. Sable Dam. Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Spirit of Adventure Safari. Tunisia, North Africa. Educational Items: Kruger National Park Facts. Poachers. Mining. Predators and prey. Savannah. Watering holes. Snake Charming. Stampedes. Foods in South Africa; Chicken Schnitzel, Ostrich burger, mopani worms,Ö. South Africa Facts. 11 official languages. Gold Exports in Africa

The Rip-ROARING Mystery on the African Safari (South Africa)

By Gallopade

Recommended Age: 7 to 14

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