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Just announced as a finalist in ForeWord Reviews' 2011 Book of the Year Awards. WHEN KIDS TAKE OVER NASA follows five bright students on what begins as a school assignment and turns into an all-out mission to get America back into space! Grant, Christina, Kendall, Tica, and Jeremy visit the Johnson Space Center only to find it "mothballed and cocooned." When an ex-employee gives them a key, they enter the building and take control of the center! When some unexpected helpers show up, the kids discover a new kind of physics, NASA secrets, the possibility of a real rocket launch on their watch, and that one of them has gone missing in a true "Houston, we have a problem!" scenario. Are they in over their heads? Absolutely. Sound out-of-this-world? Just wait to read about what happens after the kids take charge!

When Kids Take Over NASA

By Gallopade

Recommended Age: 9 to 15

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