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Yo-yo Jam started making yo-yos about 15 years ago and has developed a legendary reputation for producing high performance plastic yo-yos for advanced players. All of their yo-yos are designed to have a solid feel and spin performance that is comparable to elite metal yo-yos, but at half the price. One of their secrets is a "solid spin axle system", which is designed so that the axle screws into a piece of metal on the bearing seat - this creates a true spin with no wobbles. Journey - this yoyo has the weight and feel of a metal yoyo, but at half the price. It has a high speed bearing, plus an adjustable string gap, which enables players to transition from responsive play to un-responsive play as their skills improve. "Firestorm" - developed in conjunction with Yomega, the Firestorm features a two piece plastic composite body with modern H shaped design. It features a speed bearing, silicone response pads and solid spin axle system all of which combine to make this a truly high performance yoyo. Colors may vary.

Firestorm Yo Yo (Colors Vary)

By Yomega

Recommended Age: 8 and up

Availability: In Stock

Price: $21.99

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