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Young Architect is a building set for aspiring, young architects and features a reusable design. This architect tool comes with an 18-inch by 24-inch work mat and everything you need to create 3D models in just (3) easy steps. You will first need to design the floor plan using the included room templates. Architects draw floor plans in “plan view”. Place a large piece of tracing paper on your clear acrylic work mat. Then, on a table or floor, lay out your room templates until you have a basic idea of what you want your house to look like. The second step is finishing the floor plan using furniture guides and colored pencils. Add furniture and door swings to each room and when your plan is completely furnished, use colored pencils to color the furniture. The third step is building a 3D model on top of your floor plan. Place the cornerblocks on all corners intersecting walls. Then place the walls inside the cornerblocks. The most important thing to remember is be creative! Design rooms of all shapes and sizes and build a 3-story mansion using (3) different sheets of paper. This set includes (9) room templates, (6) large pieces of tracing paper, (3) furniture guides, acrylic wall and blocks, sheet of peel and stick doors and windows, 18-inch by 24-inch acrylic work mat, (4) colored pencils and a 7-page fun and fact manual. This is Slinky Science experiment number 150 of a series of science kits that combine the elements of learning and fun to provide hours of educational entertainment.

Young Architect

By Poof - Slinky

Recommended Age: 10 to 14

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