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CollectA's Haflinger Foal (Grazing) is so realistic you can almost hear it chewing as it works its way across the pasture. The Haflinger breed was developed in the 19th century, in Austria and Italy. This relatively small horse is hardy and well suited to life in the mountains. The Haflinger is strong enough to pull carts and carriages and big enough to carry adult riders. CollectA horses are created by Deborah McDermott, a sculptor living in Southern California. She grew up as a typical horse-crazy little girl wholoved horse models and drawing horses. She never dreamed that someday her equine sculptures would be used as the basis of a new model horse collection created by CollectA! As a scupltor, she observes the anatomy, movement and expressions of horses as well as their unique qualities that make each horse an individual.

CollectA Horses Haflinger Foal (Grazing) #88311

By CollectA

Recommended Age: 3 and up

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