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CollectA's realistic Humpback Whale is a lifelike representation of its massive real-life counterpart. The blue-black Humpback Whale leaps out of the water in a behavior called ''breaching,'' falling back into the water with a spectacular splash, often slapping its tail on the water as it does. The Humpback has a knobby head and reaches up to 40 tons in weight. The Humpback Whale does not have teeth; it filters organisms from the water through the net-like baleen that grows from its upper jaw. Humpbacks have 270 to 400 darkly coloured baleen plates on each side of their mouths. The plates measure from a mere 18 inches (46 cm) in the front to approximately 3 feet (0.91 m) long in the back, behind the hinge. CollectA is known as one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of the finest scaled replicas collections. These products are of the highest quality in both sculpture and painting. They design their replicas to provide both, knowledge and entertainment to children and parents of all age groups. Today CollectA miniature replicas collectibles are being used in role play for educational purpose, awareness of endangered species, consciousness of environmental protection and ultimately having a benefit for the animals they represent.

CollectA Sea Life Humpback Whale Toy Figure - Authentic Hand Painted Model

By Reeves

Recommended Age: 3 and up

Availability: Out of Stock

Price: $9.99 $8.49
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