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In Basic Math Skills, Grade 6+, you'll find just what you need to provide extra skill practice for individual students, small groups, or the whole class. These reproducible pages are perfect for homework too.Skills practiced include: Number and Operations - Computation with whole numbers, Computation with fractions, Computation with decimals, Percents and their equivalencies. Algebra - Function tables, Number lines and the coordinate system, Order of operations, Solving equations. Geometry - Identify congruent shapes using transformational geometry, Identify lines of symmetry in two-dimensional shapes, Classify angles as acute, right, or obtuse, Identify characteristics of three-dimensional solids. Measurement - Customary and metric measurement, Calculate elapsed time, Measure angles using a protractor, Perimeter, area, and volume. Data Analysis and Probability - Construct and interpret graphs, Analyze data using range, mean, median, and mode, Compute theoretical probabilities for simple chance events, Utilize counting techniques, tree charts, and organized lists to determine all possible combinations.

Basic Math Skills, Grade 6

By Evan-Moor

Recommended Age: 11 to 13

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